Creative Re-Use Ideas #2--Old Socks and Paper Egg Cartons

by Lee Ann Hopkins April 24, 2019

old socks

Before you toss those old socks and recycle those egg cartons in paper recycling, get some new uses from them!

Old Socks

We all know about using old socks for cleaning up dirty projects or as furniture polishing cloths.  But how about these ideas?

  • Make a cozy for your mason jar by cutting off the ankle portion of the sock. Fold the cut edge under and sew it up. Because of the elastic in the sock, it will grip the mason jar nicely for a great way to insulate the glass and keep your hand from burning if you have hot tea or getting all wet if you are having ice tea!
  • Have old slivers of soap?  (You are on a soap bar website after all!)  Collect those soap slivers in an old sock (one without holes in the toes!) and use the sock as a soap satchet, kind of like using a Sisal Bag (which we will be selling...but if you don't want to wait try the old sock trick!) These are wonderful in the shower or the bath.
  • Use that lone, fun sock that lost its mate as an organizer for small items--paper clips, rubber bands, small children's toys, marbles, nails, screws--the list is endless. It's a great way to keep things all together!
  • Rover will love you if you shove tennis balls or other socks into one of the extra socks you have laying around the house, tie up the end and voila!  It's a wonderful toy.  And for the cat in the house, she'll go bonkers with old material (or socks) rolled up with catnip and placed in an old sock.
  • For the project gal/guy in the house, put those old stretched out socks to use when painting by placing the old socks OVER your shoes.  Keeps your shoes from all those paint splatters.  The same is true for repair persons stomping through your house.  They can place them over their shoes and protect your floors.  (This may not work if your hardworking person has a size 14 shoe, but for others--give it a try!)
  • And last of all, there are always sock puppets!  I love these. Sew on old buttons and some yarn and you've got something to keep the little ones (and some of us big ones) happy for some time.

Paper Egg Cartons

It's Spring and egg cartons can come in handy for the zealous gardner.

Use the cartons as seed starters.  The top of the carton can be taken off and used as the holder (keeps things a bit cleaner--less water and staining on anything your seed starter might sitting on).  The egg portion is wonderful for the soil and the seeds.  Each egg area can hold one or more plant.  Make sure that you keep your seeds moist as you begin.  When the seeds are large enough to plant in the ground, you can place each little plant in its egg carton holder in the ground!  No mess!  The plants root system will (most likely) be able to grow right throw that organic material.  This won't work with styrofoam egg cartons.  (And we hope that you're not even buying eggs in styrofoam!)

Again, egg cartons can be excellent organizers of all-things-small so keep that in mind if gardening is not your thing.

Do you have re-use ideas?  Write us at and we'll share your ideas (with proper credit, of course!)

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Lee Ann Hopkins
Lee Ann Hopkins


Chief soapologist and lover of all-things-Do-Good, especially those souls who cherish the earth and do their best to protect it.

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