Creative Reuse Ideas #6 - Plastic Milk Jugs

by Lee Ann Hopkins October 24, 2019

ghost milk jugs and sparkly lights

There are a gazillion reuse and upcycling ideas for milk jugs—everything from a great sprinkling watering can to useful scoops (for scooping dog food or grains for your four-legged friends) to seasonal crafts (like the popular jugs made into friendly ghost figures with a strand of sparkly lights running through them) and even chandeliers (yes, Google this to see some of these images! Amazing!)

But there is something that has caught my eye lately…

A vertical “fence” garden.

Many of us city dwellers are putting our gardens to bed, but it doesn’t have to be the end of gardening. For Creative Reuse Ideas #6, I’ve turned to something that I want to build to both jump-start my gardening for next year, but also to have a few vegetables or herbs to tend indoors with our southern sun exposure through the windows. It’s a vertical garden made of plastic milk jugs and scrap wood.

The added bonus—the real bonus for us at Do Good Soaps—is the upcycling and reuse of (ICK!!) plastic milk jugs!

With a wee bit of wood (oh, how about some reclaimed wood or even a wood pallet?) you can make a vertical fence or frame garden like the one you see above. The key to the creation of the fence (or horse) is to ensure that your poles or “fence” pieces remain both stable and “free”. You keep the pole or dowel piece free to “thread” the intact handles of the milk bottles. 

The image above shows that this pole holds the inverted jugs on the fence for sturdiness. To me, this contraption looks like a fence with the wing standards my sister, the equestrian, used to jump with her thoroughbreds. (You can use this same idea for containing and organizing pencils, arts & crafts supplies—really, anything that you want “out” but yet organized for your projects. I’ve seen one person use this fence and jug idea on his drafting table with his jugs of pencils, erasers and smudging sticks.)

If this contraption feels a bit unwieldy, there is always the option of creating a smaller version with soda pop bottles. Here are some inspirational photos below.

I hope that you’ll continue your gardening and continue creatively using everything that you have so we all can live healthier and greener lives.  Keep on, keeping on!  Send us a picture of your latest reuse projects at . With your permission, I’d love to share with our Do Good family on Instagram/Facebook.

Lee Ann Hopkins
Lee Ann Hopkins


Chief soapologist and lover of all-things-Do-Good, especially those souls who cherish the earth and do their best to protect it.

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