Love Your Mother

by Lee Ann Hopkins April 22, 2019

Earth Day

Happy Earth Day!!!

While Earth Day is every day for us, that marvelous, communal celebration has arrived again. (Check your local area for celebrations and events.  I'm sure there is something happening in your town or county.) 

This is an important day.  I hope that you'll set aside time to think about this globe of wonder spinning in the galaxy and our impact upon it.  You already know the staggering statistics about plastics and the degradation of the planet.  You know the sharp decline in our ability to sustain ourselves.  You understand that the actions of today impact tomorrow.  You're also aware that our inaction and our sloth are already destroying economies, communities, species diversification and eco-systems.

The good news is that our combined steps to rein in our unloving habits and consumption of plastics make a positive difference.  Every day we have an opportunity to love our Mother Earth with small gestures: picking up stray trash as we walk our children to school or take our dog out for a walk, asking the grocery clerk to use the multi-use bags we provide them, re-using the packaging that we can't help but purchase, up-cycling items that others might enjoy and recycling things like Crayola markers, stocking/hose, even diapers with companies that have programs for these recycling efforts.  (Here's a link to recycling programs you may not be aware of...just make sure you come back to Do Good Soaps and Suds after you check it out!)

At New Years and during the High Holidays, I reflect upon my actions in the world and how I want to be better.  This Earth Day I intend to spend some time considering what small and consistent changes I can make to live more sustainably, and thus put our beautiful planet back on track toward health. 

If you find this whole conversation about sustainability daunting and scary, I get it. This is troubling and hard to look at for any amount of time.  But if you do nothing else, try this one thing and it will surely have an impact.  Simply pay attention to what you are buying.  When you go to the grocery store, look at the way your yogurts, vegetables, snacks, condiments, cleaning supplies and paper goods are packaged.  Notice all the packaging on those batteries and gadgets you purchase online.  Just notice.  Seriously, just notice.  Consider all the medicines you get at the pharmacy!  Everything is packaged to keep it fresh for YEARS.  How was your to-go lunch packaged so you could eat on-the-run? When you go to do the spring cleaning or "purging" that Marie Kondo suggests notice ALL that doesn't give you joy!  There is much to let go, right?...Simply notice and this one act will change the way you live in the world.  Once you begin to see, you will stop purchasing those items that you don't need and will seek out ways to purchase your needs with less of a carbon footprint.  But first, all you need to do IS NOTICE!

Join me and Do Good Soaps and Suds as we take stock of all the beauty around us (that isn't plastic!)--all that is real and luscious--and enjoy your incredible Mother.  She's given us so much.  Let us honor her.

Have a wonderful Earth Day.  Thank you for all of your contributions!

Lee Ann Hopkins
Lee Ann Hopkins


Chief soapologist and lover of all-things-Do-Good, especially those souls who cherish the earth and do their best to protect it.

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