Make Your Handcrafted Soaps Last

by Lee Ann Hopkins January 31, 2020

Dandy Soap Bar with reclaimed wood soap dish


You’ve paid a pretty penny for that handcrafted soap. It feels like a luxury item—not just the feel, the look, the delicious scents wafting in the air—but the price. You can spend anywhere from $5-$25 for that bar in your hand, right?

So let’s make it last. Here are some tips and info that will help you.

1. You don’t need as much soap as you think you do to get clean and smell divine with that heavenly bar. (Here’s something that Madison Avenue and Big Manufacturing don’t want you to know. Those bubbles and lather are NOT what is cleaning you, and every single corporate entity would have you believe otherwise with their foaming bubble advertising campaigns. To get those bubbles and lather, they add fillers and chemicals. And these make you think that you’re getting clean. They are not.) I was sold this bill of goods too. But once I became a soap maker I realized this to be a fiction. (I’ll leave the chemistry lesson for another post to explain why handcrafted soaps are superior to anything you can find in the mass and luxury markets.) You need not get a full lather with your handcrafted soap bar. In fact, because it’s 100% all-natural, should you try to whip up a super full lather, you will use up your bar more quickly.

2. Give your soap bars a place to dry after washing with them. This is where a soap dish comes in handy. And this soap dish should not be that nifty bowl your child made you at the ceramics studio for a birthday party. A soap dish must elevate your bar and drain excess water from the bar with ease.

3. Swap out those soap dishes regularly. Your soap will thank you as will the dish, particularly if you are using a slotted, wood dish, as wood is a porous material. It too needs to be cleaned and dried every few weeks so that it can last longer. Even the best dishes can get caked with soap, so keep extra soap dishes on hand.

4. Don’t immerse your soap bars in water for long periods of time as they are made with luxury oils that soften in pools of water. Even though the oils used in soap are solidified in the saponification process (that’s how soap is made) the oils, like Shea butter, coconut oil, Babassu oil, will melt at 92 degrees or some other lower melting point. The shower is hot, right? So use your soap and be done with it. Just like your skin, a soap doesn’t want to be waterlogged or it will start to look like a prune...or melt.

5. Use a sisal bag or some other kind of drying sack for soaps that are too small to handle any more. These slivers can be gathered from all the bathrooms or wash sinks, put in one soap bag/sisal bag for longer usage. These bags are wonderful "exfoliators" (Did I just make up a word? They scrub your skin for a robust clean!) Your soaps will have another two or three weeks of added life.

Soap in our household lasts three-times longer than most homes following these simple guidelines. Every Do Good soap bar has a working life of 2-4 MONTHS—that is the equivalent of 4 plastic bottles of mass-produced liquid soap.

Do you have any other ideas that help you keep your handcrafted soaps longer? Comment below so we all can learn from you. If you need a soap dish, check out our reclaimed wood soap dishes, or as we call them here, "bar bling!"

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Lee Ann Hopkins
Lee Ann Hopkins


Chief soapologist and lover of all-things-Do-Good, especially those souls who cherish the earth and do their best to protect it.

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