Plastic-Free July 2020

by Lee Ann Hopkins June 23, 2020

Plastic-Free July 2020

It's time for the Plastic-Free July challenge! (Click on the link to learn more and to sign up!) Last year, over 250 million people from 177 countries stepped up and refused single-use plastics in their daily lives during the month of July. 

This challenge is a wonderful opportunity to up your eco game. Our family and friends are signing up to deepen our collective commitment to the earth and all its inhabitants. Won't you join us? As a thank you to those who commit to this worthy practice of refusing plastic, we'd like to give you the gift of 15% off any Do Good Soaps and Suds order over $30.00. Enter the promo code PlasticFree15 from June 23rd - July 30th. 

During the month of July, we'll be posting on Instagram (@dogoodsoapsandsuds) some of our favorite swaps from dirty, unwholesome, plastic products to the healthy, wholesome stuff. Hey, "Use less sh*t. Do more good." That's the bottom line!


Swap out those paper towels for Swedish Dish Cloths!

Swedish Dish Cloths Instead of Paper Towels


Take a picnic for your lunch and give up that fast food. Go slow! It's better for you.

Swap out that liquid dish soap with all those chemicals for something with 3 pronounceable ingredients--The Clean Plate Club solid dish soap!

The Clean Plate Club solid dish soap bar

And lastly, take your own cutlery with you! (Easy! You've got this!)

Don't forget to sign up for the Plastic-Free July Challenge over at Let's get 360 million folks in the game to change their plastic habits!

Lee Ann Hopkins
Lee Ann Hopkins


Chief soapologist and lover of all-things-Do-Good, especially those souls who cherish the earth and do their best to protect it.

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