What's in Your Backpack (Purse or Man Bag)?

by Lee Hopkins March 31, 2019

What's in Your Backpack (Purse or Man Bag)?

Those of you trying to save the planet probably have little things you do each day to make that possible, whether it's conserving energy in the house and at work or riding and walking more for your errands. Or maybe you're working on your consumption or how you use less plastic.

I'm trying to work on my plastic consumption, hence the formation of Do Good Soaps and Suds.  But before I even had DG in my mind, I had some practices that I think are a great start for using less and less plastic.

You'll see a few of the things I carry in my backpack (as well as in the car) in the picture above:

  • Contigo hot/cold re-usable drink container - This one item is incredibly important because I drink a bunch of tea at Starbucks and other coffee shops and I loathe all the cups, straws and plastic lids that are consumed and thrown away so casually.  I'm now to the point if I don't have my re-usable container with me, I don't get a drink.  And Lee Ann without her caffeine is a bad idea...so I'm motivated to carry it with me.
  • Spork! - Love these little guys because I don't use plastic cutlery when I'm out-and-about having lunch or a snack somewhere.
  • Beeswax sheet - For all those times that I have something left over or I want to take some nuts or goodies with me when I'm on the run, I've got this wonderful way to keep it all safe and from spilling out.  They are much better than any kind of cling-wrap or cellophane.
  • Re-usable plastic container - Again, when there are left-overs at the office or I need food on-the-go, I've got a container so that I'm not using the styrofoam that the restaurant wants me to use or those awful one-use plastic boxes!  Absolutely not!
  • Aluminum/stainless steel straw - Yep, I just have to have it because THESE things are ubiquitious and folks grab them like they are required for any kind of drinking or sipping.  They aren't.  The straw industry has done a good job on selling their goods.  But no more.  This is always with me.
  • Cloth napkin - I love cloth-everything.  It's natural, all-cotton and feels good.  Besides, a cloth napkin cleans up much better than any kind of paper good!  I just use it for a day (or two) and wash.  Simple and so refined, right?
  • Handkerchief - yep, my Dad has always used a hanky and he's never suffered.  In fact, remember the days when a man would offer a clean hanky to anyone who was crying or needed to clean up a cut or something?  Love having a hanky on hand instead of tissues.
  • Shopping bag - My little shopping bags fold up into a very small space and are much better than any plastic shopping bag.  This has been invaluable to me.

And there you have it!  This is what I carry with me in my backpack each day to do my part to reduce the plastics and paper I consume.  What kinds of things do you carry with you?

Oh, and I forgot to mention!  I use the lotion bars and lip balms from Do Good Soaps and Suds!  How could I forget that?!!

Lee Hopkins
Lee Hopkins


Chief soapologist and lover of all-things-Do-Good, especially those souls who cherish the earth and do their best to protect it.

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