Soap Dish (aka Soap Bar Bling)

Dress up your bar! Show your soap bar you care!

Your soap doesn't like to sit in water, so give it a stand! (...instead of giving it a hand!)...Sorry, I can't help myself with the funny business.

Seriously, a soap dish significantly extends the life of Do Good's handcrafted, all-natural soap bars.

The unfinished reclaimed wood dish is made up of a colorful variety of wood types that include, but are not limited to, cherry, maple, ash, hickory, fir, walnut, red oak, beech, poplar and alder. The dish is left all natural with no surface coats of any type. You can use it as it is or finish it off with a natural oil of your choice. (We use ours "as is" and keep them for a long time with the tip below.)


You can extend the life of these natural wood soap dishes by buying the dishes in pairs and alternating every 2-3 weeks so that the soap dish fully dries out. (You know what it's like when something sits in the shower or any humid place for too long. Wood likes to dry out every once in a while! If you use other wood handled shower products, it's a very good idea to put them in the sun on occasion, otherwise they get waterlogged, warp, mildew or simply rot.)


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