The Soap Box - Kitchen Edition

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Stand up. Speak out. Make your purchases count.

The Soap Box is your way to give to nonprofit organizations who are on the ground working for environmental and climate justice. In return, you get plastic-free, environmentally conscious, sustainable products at a discount.

The Kitchen Edition of The Soap Box has the following Do Good Soaps and Suds products in it:

1 The Clean Plate Dish Club dish soap—lemon (reg. price $8.95)

1 Swedish Dish Cloth (reg. price $6.95)

1 Dish/Veggie Brush (reg. price $9.49)

1 Refill for Dish/Veggie Brush (reg. price $4.95) +

1 Soap Dish —Channel Cut upgrade (reg. price $6.95)

THE SOAP BOX - Kitchen Edition is $30.00 (Savings of $7.29/18%)

And the best part? A generous portion of the profits are donated to Greenpeace USA, Plastic Pollution Coalition and Jane Goodall Institute.

These are great gifts and a wonderful way to introduce those you love to living a reduced-waste lifestyle...and don't forget to purchase one or two for yourself!

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