The Bonapartes

The Bonaparte Balm and The Bonaparte Soap Bar make up our Bonaparte collection.

This collection came from listening to our customers needs. One customer at a craft fair had been looking for a particular soap he had used years prior and had been on the hunt for ever since. He wanted the recipe made for Napoleon's troops that helped to keep the soldiers healthy in battle as they were dying from a plethora of diseases, some of which were borne out of war conditions themselves. Another customer wanted something that was a "super-duper anti-bacterial" combo. And finally, a customer and friend lamented that we didn't have a soap made with activated charcoal. Our answer to their needs came in the form of The Bonapartes.

Both the balm and the soap blend a specialized formulation that includes the essential oils used by both Napoleon's merchants in the 1800's and those impacted by the Plague of the 1400's. The unique combination of essential oils was a lifesaver for those who interacted with the many, many people that died during these times, especially the grave diggers and the grave robbers! (Fascinating, huh?!)

Layer both the soap and the balm for a clean and refreshing that you simply can't beat!