Our Story

I created Do Good Soaps and Suds out of a deep and growing concern for our planet, our shared home.

As a former civil rights attorney, law professor, ordained clergywoman, podcaster, and author, I’ve walked many paths. Regardless of whether I’ve been in the courtroom, or the classroom, or the pulpit, or marching at a peaceful protest, all along the way, I’ve been advocating for love as the most powerful balm for positive change and healing our world.

By 2016, I became discouraged that change and healing were not coming quickly enough, and I was not seeing concrete, sustainable results. In fact, the worldwide climate emergency coupled with the swelling plastics pollution of our woods, rivers, seas and oceans began to literally keep me up at night.

Indeed, single-use and disposable-use plastics do not decompose or return to earth organically. Ironically, these products are made to “last” even though they are single-use or quickly disposed of. At the same time, people have awakened to the need for us to recover from our addiction to the convenience of plastics.

In 2019, the chronic insomnia I was having inspired the creation of my small business, Do Good Soaps and Suds. We are on a journey to help others modify their behavior to reduce the use of plastics by creating personal and home care bar products that are plastic-free, palm oil-free and actually HEALTHY and WHOLESOME, so that we leave our home better than we found it.

Our mission is to create and support an ecologically caring community of people like you who are committed to modifying consumption patterns, supporting local and small businesses, and reducing plastic consumption.

At Do Good Soaps and Suds, we make all-natural, handcrafted, personal and home care bar products, and sell them to you online at www.dogoodsoapsandsuds.com, and in person at local farmer’s markets in the Northern Virginia area. Products purchased online are shipped to you in non-plastic packaging and re-used/recyclable shipping materials. The products include body soap bars, lotion bars, shampoo bars, hair rinses, dish soaps, lip balms and even deodorant bars.

All products are made in small batches and with the very best ingredients. All the ingredients are pronounceable. Every product piece is made with love.

As the founder and chief creator of Do Good Soaps and Suds, I invite you to join us on this path.  Let us learn together. Let us create change one soap, one lotion, one balm, one bar…together. Come on board. The planet needs you.

Give up the Bottle. Go to the Bar. Use Less Sh*t, Do More Good.


With Love and All Good Things,


Lee Ann Hopkins


Founder and Change Entrepreneur

Feel free to drop us a line at hello@dogoodsoapsandsuds.com.