Our Story

Do Good Soaps and Suds has grown out of a deep concern for the planet and for all of us who call the earth our home.

After the election of 2016, the ugly pursuit of pillaging our precious planet of its natural resources, the headlong movement toward destruction of species and ecosystems and the growing gap between the haves and have-nots have been a wake-up call for people across the globe.

I am one of those people.

I’ve spent my entire life in the pursuit of justice, whether in the pulpit, the courtroom, the public square or the spoken and written word. And honestly, justice, fairness and goodness have been alluding us, even as we have been working toward good ends for our neighbors, our communities, our companion creatures and our earth. I have been greatly disappointed in our governments, our courts, our worship centers and our schools to advance our social contracts with one another. In a word, I’m disappointed that LOVE has not been the great common denominator to bring about change.

While spending a life advocating for love as the means for change, I’ve had to review how I can bring about change in people’s behavior. The law and religion are as slow-as-molasses as change creators, especially in times when positive change needs to advance more quickly.

The one thing in society that seems to have the means for change is the marketplace (of things and ideas).

In order to create “clean” alternatives for people who both want products AND an earth-friendly way to do so, I decided to model what business in the 21st century can (and must) be. Hence, the birth of Do Good Soaps and Suds since I love creating soaps (and other types of “suds” and sundries)!

I have wed essential personal care products with non-plastic packaging and re-used/recyclable shipping materials. On top of that, I’ve chosen to make small-batch products with the very best ingredients without all the unpronounceable chemicals and dirty processes. (You won’t find methylchloroisothiazolinone in our soaps, lotions, lip balms, shampoos, hair rinses and deodorants!...Can you even pronounce that word?!  I can't!)

This small business was not started to make gobs of money, but instead, to give great alternatives to what is currently out there, without any gimmicks. We are here to create an ecologically caring community of like-minded citizens who are ready to step up and make changes in their consumption patterns and also to move away from mega-corporations with greed as their bottom line. Instead, we are a group of people who want to support local and small-businesses who are our neighbors and friends in this tumultuous time.

Behavior is a hard thing to change. Yet, here we are at a crucible where our behaviors MUST change. Do Good Soaps and Suds is an entry-point for beginning new behaviors and new patterns of consumption.

Folks have grown up with or become complacent about plastics as they are everywhere. These single-use and disposable-use products made from plastics (read: petroleum and other man-made chemicals) are filling up our landfills, our creeks, our lakes, our fields, our woods, our beaches, our oceans with materials that do not decompose or return to the earth organically. They are products of human engineering and made to “last” (yet not last, since we dispose of them with such ease and lack of concern)…People have awakened to the need to “get off” our addiction to the convenience of plastics.  But it is an addiction, so we need to be very serious about our response.

Do Good Soaps and Suds is on a journey to lessen the use of plastics and to be mindful and creative about how we live, work, play and produce in this world, so as to leave it better than when we arrived.

As the founder and chief creator at Do Good Soaps and Suds, I hope that you’ll join us on this path. We can learn together. We can create change one soap, one lotion, one balm, one bar together. Come join us.

With love and all-good-things,

Lee Ann Hopkins

Founder and Change Entrepreneur

Feel free to contact us at:
Do Good Soaps and Suds
P.O. Box 151023
Alexandria, VA 22315