--Do Good Soaps and Suds Founder, Lee Ann Hopkins

Your skin will thank you for using our soaps here at Do Good Soaps and Suds.  (And the planet will thank you for kicking the plastic habit with those liquid soaps in plastic containers!)
All the ingredients we use for our soap bars are 100% natural oils, plant butters, essential oils, spices and herbs.  Add love to each bar, and voila!...Something spectacular. We’ve started with a small selection of soaps and will add to the inventory as our test kitchen and testers (read: family, friends and YOU) make their preferences and needs known. Occasionally, I’ll make limited productions of these soaps. So scoop them up when they arrive and let me know what you think. These will go quickly.
As always, thank you for moving from dirty to clean with us. We’ll clean up this planet one bar at a time. Bye-bye plastic!

The Bonaparte

The Workhorse

The Muse

The Pick-Me-Up

The Naked Truth 

 The Woodsy


The High Octane

The Dandy

The Brew Bar


Don’t forget the rest of your body (and soul)!

Shampoo Bars (Heady Le Bar and The Hippie!)

Wing Bars (yes, it’s deodorant!)

Lotion Bars (Lavender Love and Lemon-Patchouli Love)

Lip Balms (Mint Kiss and Orange Blossom Kiss)

* You’ve heard the truism that those who manufacture water are not in the business of making water but of making plastic. The same can be said of many products these days. The packaging has become “king”—what Madison Avenue places on that packaging is what really sells most products. These Madison Avenue products are filled with unpronounceable chemicals, preservatives, dyes and detergents. Did you know that the average American throws away approximately 185 pounds of plastic a year?  That's a heck-of-a-lot of lotion bottles, shampoo bottles, soap dispensers, dish washing soap containers, lip balms, cleaning products and personal care "necessities" (among other things like all the plastic that wraps around our food!)  The plastic manufacturers love our addiction.  But the waterways, the oceans, the pasture lands, the farms, the woods, the forests can’t take it anymore. It’s time for all of us to give up the bottle…and go to the bar. The solids (bars) will save us.