Peppermint Kiss

Peppermint Kiss is lip balm that wow's without the plastic packaging, the petroleum and the preservatives found in all the lip balms on the market!

We use nothing-but-the-best for these little tins of happiness and kissable lips. 

Our ingredients are simple: coconut oil, shea butter, beeswax and peppermint essential oil. The coconut oil we use during the spring and summer months is a coconut oil that has a higher melting point--92 degrees, instead of the regular coconut oil that melts at 76 degrees. So this is a harder balm which feels waxier than something that would come out of a gloss stick. (I keep mine in my pocket, much like I did when I used "Chapstick" to keep it a bit softer and easier to apply.)

We will transition back to a 76 degree coconut when the temperatures drop and the season changes. Those of you in higher temperature climates will appreciate the 92 degree coconut oil recipe since it melts at 92, instead of 76.

Those of you who are new to using a lip balm in a recyclable tin need to know only one thing--apply the balm to your lips (or whatever body part that needs some added lovin') with your fingertip. And if necessary, use your fingernail to remove the balm from the container. Don't worry. It will melt upon your lips because your lips are warm enough! (There's more than one reason for the phrase, "hot lips"! Remember the character from M.A.S.H. called "Hot Lips Houlihan"?!)

And if you want a different flavor, give Orange Blossom Kiss a try!

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