The Hippie Shampoo & Hybrid Bar

The Hippie is a hybrid—a shampoo and body bar that will take you back to the 60’s and 70’s with its feel-good scent of chamomile, lemongrass, jasmine and spearmint.  The oils and butters we use for this solid shampoo and soap bar are hydrating, clarifying and nourishing. You will be rewarded with healthy, soft and silky hair if you stick with these chemical-detergent-and-preservative-free bars as your hair returns to its natural state of Happy, Hippie Health. 

Here are the completely pronounceable ingredients in The Hippie: 

Coconut Oil

Chamomile Tea

Olive Oil

Shea Butter

Avocado Oil

Castor Oil

Sodium Hydroxide*

Lemongrass Essential Oil

Jasmine Essential Oil

Spearmint Essential Oil 

*This ingredient is used for saponification process only. There is no sodium hydroxide in the final product.


Never used a shampoo bar before?  Here are some tips: 

  1. There are no hard-and-fast rules for using a shampoo bar. Remember though, your hair is unique to you so you will need to experiment, experiment, experiment! 
  1. A transition or adjustment period is almost always needed for your hair to acclimate to this new shampoo regiment because your hair and scalp have been assaulted for years with liquid detergent products and conditioners. Because of all the stripping of nutrients and damage that these liquid detergent shampoos cause, the oil production of your hair overcompensates and will continue to overcompensate until your hair and scalp adjust to the all-natural ingredients in our shampoo bars. Patience is a virtue when trying something new!  Check out the blog article on the Do-Gooder for more information about transitioning to a shampoo bar.
  1. Use a hair rinse, especially when you are first starting to use shampoo bars. They help with the build-up of chemicals that have been deposited over the years with detergent shampoos. You can make your own hair rinse or purchase a ready-made, infused, apple cider vinegar rinse from Do Good Soaps and Suds.
  1. Make sure that the water you use for shampooing is “soft”. Hard water makes for difficult lathering and rinsing.  If you do have hard water you can try wetting your hair with a warm solution of water and baking soda (just a wee bit! A little pinch or two will do of the baking soda) prior to your shampoo regiment.  This can help with both the lathering and rinse difficulties that hard water creates.
  1. Start out by creating the shampoo lather in your hands first and then applying to your hair. Sometimes it just difficult to get the hang of a bar on your head as you learn how to soap up.  If you do choose to use the bar directly on your head, stroke in the direction of your hair.  (If you have long hair, you might end up with tangles if you use a circular motion…and will probably use more shampoo than is necessary.)  If you want to see how I shampoo and rinse, see the video “How to Use a Shampoo Bar” either on our YouTube channel, in the Do-Gooder blog or by clicking the link.
  1. Rinse thoroughly with water. Get the shampoo out!

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